About us

In late 2005, my husband, Joseph, and I were ecstatic to learn that we were expecting our first child. As my belly grew, so did my frustration with clothing options. So I did what I had to do: I went shopping (of course)!

Armed with a few hours and a little disposable income, I visited some department stores only to find that the one store that carried maternity clothes had a selection that was mediocre at best. Clearly, this was going to be tougher than I anticipated! Never one to give up easily, however, throughout my pregnancy, I visited countless chain stores, maternity boutiques, big box retailers and web stores. What I found was ill-fitted, drab and/or impractical apparel.

After another pregnancy in 2007 and no improvement in my maternity shopping experience, it was clear to my husband and me that there was a need for a maternity store that (1) was located on Chicago's South Side, and (2) catered to stylish, mature women with varying body types and lifestyles. So I dove in, began my research and put together a plan to build the type of boutique that I longed to shop at when I was pregnant: a one-stop shopping oasis built for moms, by moms. And, in December 2009, Bellē Up (my third "baby") was born!

I learned long ago, however, that nothing that is good remains stagnant. Since 2009, our store has evolved and matured in many ways. One of the more notable changes came about in the summer of 2013—when Bellē Up expanded to begin offering women's contemporary (non-maternity) apparel! In store, Bellē Up now boasts two distinct collections: Maternity/Nursing (for stylish expectant moms) and Women's Contemporary (for chíc women), with the same emphasis on brand quality and superior customer service throughout.

I am elated to have the unique opportunity to continue delivering comfortable, stylish and affordable fashions for sophisticated women, and I am humbled by the fast-growing number of women embracing our brand daily.

Thank you for choosing us and allowing us to be a part of your journey through womanhood—one fabulous piece at a time!

Yours in style,