Black-Owned Chicago 2021: Retail

Black-Owned Chicago 2021: Retail

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In honor of February aka Black History Month, we thought we'd take this time to shout out some of our favorite fellow Black-owned businesses throughout our fare city. We recognize that Chicago is vast, with so many dope businesses to choose from, so this an admittedly small sampling of some of our team's faves.

We've broken our list into four categories, and will highlight one category per week throughout the month. Since {bu} is a retail shop, what better way to kick this off than with the Retail Edition?

So without further ado, here are our 9 Favorite Black-Owned Chicago Retailers (listed in no particular order):

1. Love Peridot

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Love Peridot

Love Peridot is a collection of beautifully-curated gifts and accessories for the woman who makes it work! From journals to mugs and more, Love Peridot inspires motivation and ambition. We love the unique finds, but we especially love the perfect blend of hustle and self-care-chill that this shop exudes.


2. Kham’ryn B.

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Khamryn B

Kham’ryn B. is a staple south side boutique offering the latest in men’s and women’s fashion. Whatever the occasion, Kham’ryn B. offers a high-fashion head-to-toe outfit to match it. 


3. Legacy Men’s Boutique

Belle Up Black Owned Chicago_Legacy Mens Boutique

Legacy Men’s Boutique offers a wide selection of quality men’s clothing and accessories at an affordable price. If you love a dapper man as much as we do, this is the place to outfit him.  


4. Semicolon Bookstore

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Semicolon Bookstore

Semicolon is a bookstore and gallery space dedicated to bridging literature, art and community one book at a time. And if you don't think that's dope enough, it also happens to be the only Black-Woman Owned bookstore in all of Chicago (whew, now that's a word).  


5. GILDA Designer Thrift Boutique

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Gilda Consignment

GILDA Designer Thrift Boutique offers an eclectic mix of women’s and men’s fashion, home decor and art for a unique thrifting experience. See something you love? We recommend snagging it quick, because Gilda's impeccable eye for quality workmanship and design are so good that if you snooze you will most certainly lose.


6. The Silver Room

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_The Silver Room

The Silver Room is a brand dedicated to community in Chicago based around art, culture, and high quality accessories, apparel, gifts and more. From hosting the largest annual "block party" Chicago has ever seen (spoiler alert: it's way bigger than one block) to having live music on a random weeknight, the vibe inside, and emitting from, Silver Room is always unmatched and hella' dope. 


7. Kido

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Kido

Kido is a children’s clothing and accessories shop focused on inclusivity and representation. Founded by two loving parents, Kido aims to inspire little citizens with big hearts. Shopping at Kido is like walking into cuteness overload.


8. Chic Shirt Shop 

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Chic Shirt Shop

Chic Shirt Shop is an online boutique that helps take your graphic tee game to a whole new level. With unique designs that flex your Chicago pride to your love for the skin you're in, there's something in the collection fun for every woman.  


9. Love, Dia Couture & Fashion

Belle Up Black-Owned Chicago_Love Dia Couture

Love, Dia Couture & Fashion is an online destination for custom and couture fashion. Each piece is handmade and designed with the mission to help women embrace their natural beauty. Because cozy loungewear is the new cute, we're especially loving the Nosy Lounge Set.


Do you have a favorite Black-owned retailer in Chicago (yes, in Chicago proper) not listed here? Tell us, and the world, about it in the comments, because sharing is caring, and the truth is: there's enough room for us all to win! 

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